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Browns safety Andrew Sendejo suffered a concussion on Monday night on a hard collision with Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins at the goal line as Dobbins scored a touchdown in the third quarter, and today Dobbins gloated about it.

Then Dobbins thought better of it.

Dobbins quote tweeted a tweet about Sendejo entering the concussion protocol and wrote, “Boy better bring his big boy britches next time, because I’m coming strong every run.”

A few minutes later, Dobbins deleted that tweet and offered a bit of a mea culpa.

“It’s a competitive game,” Dobbins wrote. “People talk trash on the field all the time I respect bro like chill haha I hope hes okay.”

Trash talk is common, but given how important it is to the future of the NFL that concussions be taken seriously, it’s unwise for players to choose that particular subject for public trash talk. Dobbins was right to re-think it.